Dad died through suicide when I was 33 years old. New Year’s Eve.

Dad and I were exceptionally close. On the NY’s Eve he died I remember thinking “I’ll ring Dad and wish him a happy new year”. I didn’t make that call.

I lived at Clontarf in Brisbane at the time. After Dad was cremated and we came back home and that first night after Dad’s cremation it hit me hard, I asked my hubby and my two daughters to let me have some alone time and not worry about my tears – I needed time to grieve.

We had the fire on that night it was quite cool. The fire had gone out there were no flames or a glow in the coals. I sat by the fire crying and reminiscing as to why I didn’t make that phone call to Dad, that maybe it may have saved his life.

I said, “Dad if you are in Spirit please send me a sign that you are there and you are okay”.

A few minutes later, three huge flames yellow, bluish and white grew in the fireplace. The first one was about a metre in height with two smaller ones, they looked like huge candle flames and they swayed slightly and stayed there for what seemed ages to me but would have been about 30 seconds. They then very gently and slowly diminished into nothing.

I am one of three girls and felt that Dad sent a flame for each of us.  I knew Dad had let me know he had passed to the other side and had heard my prayer to him.

This post is not about Tarot Reading but to me they are both linked to each other. The story of Dad is about his Spirit contacting me and I read my Tarot Cards through Spirit.