I am a Spiritual Tarot Reader. It happened by accident some 35 years ago. While browsing in a Tea Shop in Margate a deck of Rider Waite Tarot Cards fell on my foot as I walked past a display.

I put the Tarot Cards back, once again the Tarot Deck fell, I picked the deck up and purchased them much to my surprise.

I thought “now what do I do with these Tarot Cards”, thinking my Police Officer husband would not be happy with this I went home, showed him the Tarot Cards and he said, “Okay how are you going to read them”, I was taken by surprise and took that to be a good omen for me.

I read the book and I practiced reading the Tarot Cards, it wasn’t working for me at all, I told the girls at my work about the Tarot Cards, they all wanted a reading to give me practice. In a very short amount of time I was reading the Tarots with ease and felt the information was coming from somewhere else, not from me personally.

I had always believed in Spirit and have always meditated, I am very familiar with Spiritual practices and felt I was being guided in this direction to read the Tarot Cards through Spirit.

My cliental soon grew by word of mouth and they found it amazing how accurate the Tarot Readings were, I explained they weren’t from me, that I was a channel for Spirit to bring the information through for people.

I have back packed around the world with my husband over the last 36 years and over that time animals were drawn to me, particularly monkeys. I had an experience in Jaipur India when I was 36 years of age (see above), the Langur monkeys scattered and frightened ladies on a bus tour we did, when the Langur came to me it sat beside me, (everyone thought it was going to attack me) – I put my hand out and it put both its front feet on my hands and looked deeply into my eyes, to me that was a very Spiritual moment, one which I will never forget. The Langur then went on to frighten and harass the other ladies on the tour!

In the Philippines a pet monkey was in a bar/restaurant we visited, it was on a long chain and seemed very happy but when people went near it, the monkey scared people by running at them making high pitched sounds, people were advised not to try patting it. When I walked by it took a run, jumped at me I put my arms out, it landed in them and promptly fell asleep. The owner could not believe it. I have had many of these experiences, I feel monkeys react to my Spiritual side, that they can sense this and know they are safe.

An article in That’s Life in February 2006 published a story about me “My future was in the cards”.

I appeared in the Redcliffe and Bayside Herald in March 2006 headed “Psychic tapes set to blaze.

Over the years I have read at markets. The first at Paddy’s Market at Tenerife, the Riverside Markets and The Valley Markets in Brisbane. At Riverside I read for an American CEO of a Mining Company here in Australia. He was very impressed and later in the year he came back to Australia with his wife, made enquiries as to my whereabouts, jumped in a taxi and came to our home. At that time I had established my business reading from home and all manner of executives.

I have a connection with Spirit who channel information to me through my Tarot Cards. I feel Blessed and Honored to be able to do this for you. It’s amazing and very rewarding to me, to help people to be aware of situations around them and suggest changes they can make in their lives.