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Spread of Four Tarot Cards and their Meanings

Today I would like to share with you a short form Tarot card reading and the meaning of the four cards pictured. My cards may look a little dull and even worn to you, they are, my cards have travelled all around the world with me and I have a bond of spiritualism with them.
The Cards involved
The four cards from the left are – The Wheel of Fortune, the three of Cups, Death and the two of Swords.
Wheel of Fortune
There’s a lot going on around the person involved. Great things are evolving good changes are here with new beginnings and success. A star sign in each corner, Aquarius (top left), Scorpio (top right), Leo (bottom left) and Taurus (bottom right). The wheel is being turned, the wheel is balanced in the middle of the card. These are the four fixed signs in the Zodiac.

Tarot Celtic Cross

Tarot Celtic Cross Spread short interpretation

The Queen of Pentacles (money and material aspects) represents the client (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn), in this case she is a Virgo.
The Tarot card across her shows she is very concerned about an issue which has been causing her much distress.
The card to the left shows there has been

Tarot Cards and Spreads

Celtic Cross Tarot Spread

When I do a 60 minute Tarot Reading I use the whole deck of cards (78) and commence a Tarot reading called the Celtic Cross. Card 1: the present. Represents

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Divine Intervention

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