Tarot Cards and SpreadsWhen I do a 60 minute Tarot Reading I use the whole deck of cards (78) and commence a Tarot reading called the Celtic Cross.

Card 1: the present. Represents you, usually your Tarot star sign.

Card 2: the challenge. Reflects what is challenging you now.

Card 3: the past. Shows events that have led to the present situation.

Card 4: the future. What is likely to occur within the next month or so.

Card 5: above you. Represents your outcome to the situation.

Card 6: below you. Delves into the deeper feelings and situations connected to what is challenging you at the moment.

Tarot cards 7 and 8: I call them a snapshot of your past and linked with what is around you now. Sometimes these Tarot cards take you quite a way back into the past but generally is a snapshot of what has been and is going on around you.

Card 9: Relays what is on your mind and has been happening around you, your hopes, fear and concerns.

Card 10: The possible outcome to the situation. My Tarot reading indicates actions that you may take to resolve your issues.


We are very fortunate to have Free Will, life would be drab without it. How lucky are we to be able to make decisions in our life, or at least have an input into them.

In a Tarot Reading you make your own assessment.  Most people take on board the help I bring through from Spirit.  I have found that people appreciate that their issues can be seen and the offer of Spirit’s help or suggestion is there for them. At times it is a relief to know there is an issue as sometimes we feel we are over-reacting or maybe imagining it. At times we get caught up with things and can’t see “the wood for the trees” so to speak.