In April, 2006 I was notified that Mum had passed away. I sat outside the sun was shining, the sky blue with white clouds, I felt sad that Mum was gone, our relationship hadn’t always been easy.

Mum was proud when an article was published in “That’s Life” magazine in 2006 featuring a story about my Tarot Card readings.

A month later the Redcliffe & Bayside Herald ran an article about my Tarot Card reading abilities.

While thinking about this I noticed a dark cloud appear in the sky, a flash of lightening, a sprinkle of rain, I thought that’s Mum.

I traveled to Kempsey for Mum’s funeral. As we were standing by Mum’s grave, a Black cloud, a flash of lightening and a sprinkle of rain happened, my sisters and I looked at each other and said, “That’s Mum”.

Mum always asked if I had my Tarot Cards with me when I visited she loved her Tarot Card readings. I was often surprised at what Spirit brought through for her.

I’m glad she saw these articles before she passed away.

I light a candle, gather flowers from the garden and put them beside my family member’s photo on the table.

On Mum’s Birthday, I did this and as I did, I thought to myself how nice it would be if Mum contacted me.

I went about my chores then went outside. When I came back in all the ceiling fans were on. I got a shock but felt so happy, I laughed and cried that Mum had been in contact.

There has been no more contact from Mum since then but I know she’s safe and happy on the Other Side.

I feel happy Mum loved the fact I was a gifted Tarot Card reader.