Card spread tarot

Tarot card spread with four cards I will share with you. My cards may look a little dull and even worn,  they are, my cards have travelled to many countries with me and I have a bond with them.

The Tarot Cards involved
The four Tarot cards from the left are – the Wheel of Fortune,  the III of Cups, Death and the II of Swords.

Wheel of Fortune
Great things are happening here, good changes coming around with new beginnings and success. A star sign in each corner, Aquarius (top left), Scorpio (top right), Leo (bottom left) and Taurus (bottom right). The wheel is  turning and it’s balanced in the middle of the card. These are the four fixed signs of the Zodiac.

III of Cups
A happy celebration of accomplishment. The girls raise their goblets in a toast to the success they are sharing. Celebrating their team work together, with success. Making a toast to their success with raised goblets.

The Death card is always feared by people in their Tarot reading. I don’t have the right to predict anyone’s physical death, however, it is about huge changes and moving forward in life. It can be quite difficult to let go of the past, change jobs, make new friends, even change your place of living, it makes us feel uncertain, as though we are moving into unknown territory which can create fear. Once we let go and move forward it becomes easier.

II of Swords
Trying to make decisions, we know we need to, but can we? The lady’s arms are crossed in a defensive mode, she is blindfolded, not wanting to address the decision she needs to make. There are rocks in the ocean preventing a calm flow of water, adding to the indecision she is feeling. It can show too, a stubborn person who knows they are wrong but find it extremely difficult to admit they are, making it difficult to resolve the situation.

Conclusion of the Tarot Card Spread
It shows there are many changes are taking place in this person’s life. They are in a good place and able to make the right decisions in their lives. Things are working very well for them, success has started to happen and will continue, the wheel is turning, for the better.

The person is celebrating with friends, the decisions and hard work have paid off, it’s time celebrate. There’s a feeling of excitement in reaping the rewards from the changes made, difficult decisions and hard work, combined with good team work and dedication which have all contributed to the successful outcome.

For success, he knew it would be difficult for many reasons. He was facing a disaster unless he changed his tactics. New ways of thinking, more team work, finding the right mix to move forward and let go of his old ways was difficult and caused him anxiety and he worried it might not work either.

He worried, mulled over everything, didn’t want to face the reality of another failure, should he go ahead with the changes or press on with the way things were? He was unsettled, didn’t want to accept help, wanted to do it his way, but knew he had to make big changes and he did. He placed trust in others to help which wasn’t an easy thing for him to do.

This person made all the right decisions and the cards show the struggle, doubt but ultimately success at last.