Celtic Cross – short Tarot spread

The Queen of Pentacles (money and material aspects) represents the client (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn), in this case she is a Virgo.

The Tarot card across her shows she is very concerned about an issue which has been causing her distress.

The card to the left shows there has been challenging times for the client, at times she has struggled with interference from others who have made it difficult for her to make the changes she feels are necessary.

The card on the right shows the client has had to change her view about the situation and evaluate the problem, letting go of judgment here especially of yourself which can be difficult. Assess what has happened, make a decision and move on from it. Don’t feel guilt over your changed direction.

The card below the client indicates she has sought help and talked it over with a man who has offered honest and genuine advice about the matter, he is a man of trust.

The Tarot card above the client shows she enjoys her work and that money will come in from the project she has in place. Rewards are on the way, keep going, persevere and reap the benefits.

The four cards to the right of the Celtic Cross

These four cards show the past (bottom two cards), how the client is feeling now (the third card), and the possible outcome of the situation (fourth card).

In the past the client has been creative and had firm ideas in place for the success of her project. It shows there have been opportunities and openings around her, some she took on board and some she felt unnecessary.

She has thought deeply about her situation, she knows there is information which needs to come to light here before she can act on her own decisions without outside interference. She needs to stay balanced, focused and investigate the situation and the way ahead for her.

The client needs some time out now to think about strategies which need to be put in place her business. At times she feels quite challenged, there are people who have tried put her off track perhaps feeling jealous of her success, this has caused worry for her in the past, she does not want this to happen again.

The outcome of the situation

Great success. The planning and thought which has gone into the situation shows personal power and success. You may feel you need to seek the help of a person of influence before you move ahead, that help is there for you.